ethical sourcing

Pavement United Brands is committed to ethical and sustainable work and and supply chain practices. We strive to ensure a safe and fair working environment for all of our employees, and the employees of our suppliers. 

We currently manufacture the majority of our products in South China, where we employ a small local team to oversee production and factory operations. This team visits our supplier factories regularly and are required to report back if they witness any unsafe or unfair practices. In the instance where there is a breach of our code of ethics, Pavement United Brands will immediately cease a relationship with that supplier. 

We no longer manufacture any goods in Bangladesh, or other countries where unethical work practices occur regularly.

We comply with Australian Occupational Health and Safety law in all areas of our business in this country. We regularly liaise with our offshore suppliers to ensure that safety is of the highest priority in their production facilities. 


We acknowledge that certain ethical supply chain research organisations have given Pavement United Brands an D- grade, however we would like to be clear that this is NOT due to unethical practices on our behalf. These ratings are awarded based on information provided by retailers to said organisation in extensive surveys and research documents. As a relatively small business with very limited resources, we simply have not had the time or money to dedicate to pulling together this documentation. When this information is not provided by a retailer, an automatic D- Grade is awarded.