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Plus Size Kids Clothes

Pavement specialises in fashion-forward clothing for style-conscious girls in sizes 8 to 16. Always stocking the latest collections for every event from special occasions, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family, sleepovers, workouts, sports and swimming. Pavement is also famous for shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses and fashion accessories to complete the look of every outfit. We also stock the most popular range of unique gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit at every party.
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Shop Plus Size Kids Clothes At Pavement Brands

Pavement Brands is embarking on a world-first for kids plus size clothing. We are part of a ground breaking move that will build self-esteem and confidence for our young customer.

We know that finding flattering plus size clothing can be a challenge for adults, and this becomes even harder when shopping for kids. When you do not fit into the straight size standards, finding appropriate clothing is challenging, especially in teens with fluctuating weight.

Here, we’re taking you through some of the issues that our brand resolves when shopping for plus size kids clothes with your daughter;

Kids Plus Size Clothing - Made For Every Body

When you are shopping with your kids, it is important that you let them know that most clothing on the high street is designed for what is called straight sizes which can make it harder for you both to find them suitable clothing.

While there are many plus-size people, unfortunately they are not always well-represented in the fashion industry and are only given a small area of space on any shop floor or website. This is not the case here at Pavement Brands and we offer a huge range of clothing available for all sizes.

Age Based Sizing

When shopping for kids clothes, you will tend to find that the sizing is usually labelled by age. However, this is not an accurate measure of sizing as there is no straight growth curve that is the same for every child.

Many parents find that while their children may have outgrown the children’s sizes, they are still not big enough for junior sized clothing with problems such as the length being too long or the armholes and necklines being too deep.

Many clothes also don’t fit the curvier body types. At Pavement Brands, we offer a range of clothing to fit children of every size and our plus size ranges are perfect for children and young teens trying to find great fitting clothes.

Brand Sizing

One of the biggest problems people of all ages and sizes find with buying new clothes is that the sizing from brand to brand is completely different. Girls, in particular, can range across four sizes and so this can make it difficult to buy clothing.

It can also be disheartening if you have to go up a number of sizes to buy from a certain high street brand. At Pavement Brands, we ensure that our sizing is extremely accurate so that you always know that the size you buy will fit you perfectly. What’s more we have a huge range of sizes to fit every body shape.

We Are The Premier Supplier of Kids Plus Sized Clothing in Australia

Want to know more about the amazing range of clothing we sell here at Pavement Brands? Then get in touch with our team who can answer any queries that you may have about our clothing lines. There is no better place to shop for plus size kids clothes in Australia, so what are you waiting for?

We have a huge selection of clothing from dresses to girls boots, and girls denim jackets to girls activewear. Place your first order of many today.

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