9 ways to take the anxiety out of denim shopping with your teen

Posted on January 29 2019


Whatever your daughter’s style, jeans are a wardrobe staple – no doubt your growing teen needs a new pair this season. But shopping with teens can be stressful and it’s a minefield with so many stores and styles to choose from.

Here’s how to make your denim shopping experience fun and ultimately successful.

 1 Pin and post

Teen girls are often social media crazy, not to mention highly proficient at it. Encourage them to do some fashion research before you shop, whether it’s Pinterest boards of her fave denim styles or simply some cool posts she’s saved to her Instagram account. This will not only encourage her to develop her own personal style, but it will also get her more in the mindset of planning purchases, rather than impulse shopping.

2 Clear the decks

Now’s also a good time for a good clear-out, Marie Kondo style. What jeans have they grown out of? Which pairs did they wear to death – and which styles were a flop? Are there any good options left that just need a quick repair or stain removal to revive them? Put on some of her favourite music and do a wardrobe inventory together. Have her make a list of her must-haves for the new season.

3 Set a budget

It’s not the most fun part, but setting realistic expectations will ensure you’re both on the same page once she tries on the latest ‘it’ jeans. She’s probably always on her phone, so get her to do some online research – what’s the current price range in jeans? Would she rather have three pairs of cheapies, or splurge on trendy denim at her favourite store?

4 Try online

About one in five teens prefer online shopping, so a trip to the mall isn’t always a must. Waiting for a package to arrive can be exciting for them too! Make sure they’re aware of shipping time frames - if they want them for tomorrow’s birthday bash, heading in store will be your best bet. Fit can also be issue – it’s best to stick to brands where she already knows what size she is. Check out Pavement’s size guide here. Make a note of the store’s returns policy too – see Pavement’s here .

5 Dress the part

If you’re heading in store to try on jeans, have her wear separates – if she’s wearing a dress or playsuit, she won’t have her own top on to pair with them. If she’s wearing one of her own fave tops, she can see right away how it could work with the jeans. It’s also a good idea to have her in the shoes she’d most likely pair with jeans, whether that’s boots or sneakers.

6 Get social

If you daughter is the social type who won’t buy anything without posting a selfie and then taking a poll on Instagram Stories, it can more efficient to have them bring a friend along. That way they can get advice on the spot, and make the expedition more fun for everyone.

7 Set them free

When your teen is old enough, give her some cash and a few hours alone (or with a friend) to shop at her leisure. This fosters independence and might even result in her taking better care of the clothes she buys, as she’ll feel more invested in them. Make it a challenge – find the best denim deal in the mall for her favourite style.

8 Allow some time

It can be stressful when shopping is rushed, so make sure you allocate enough time, and try to go early when stores are less crowded. It can be fun to have an activity planned for afterwards, like having going to her favourite frozen yogurt spot.  

9 Get the right fit

Remember that how she looks in clothes can be a sensitive issue for many teens – be supportive and ask her how she feels in the styles, rather than focusing solely on looks. When it comes to sizing, it’s about what feels best, not the number on the label. Pavement’s staff have a wealth of advice on choosing the right size and which styles work best for each shape.


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